Telnyx Peering and Interconnection

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Telnyx is a real-time communications company that delivers a la carte communication services via an e-commerce and API-based experience. The company currently provides telecom to high-volume businesses like call centers and enterprise service providers over a geographically distributed network.

linkGeneral Information

Peering PolicyOpen
Peering DB
Prefix Details

Potential /24 prefixes will be announced for site specific routing on occasion.

General Peering

linkPeering Policy

Telnyx operates an Open peering policy. This policy is subject to review based on technical, operational, and legal requirements.

linkGeneral Peering and Interconnection Requirements

  • Telnyx requires peering to be implemented over an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) or private cross connection (XC).
  • At each IXP, Telnyx will have two peer addresses for BGP sessions. This design is for redundancy and no routing priority will be given on either peer via configuration. We prefer sessions be established with both peers.
  • IXP peering sessions must be implemented across all available exchanges. Example: If we are members of multiple IXPs, then we require sessions to be established on all IXPs.

linkTechnical Requirements

  • Peers must have a public, verifiable ASN
  • Prefixes must be maintained in a public IRR
  • Prefixes that will be announced must also be seen in the DFZ (Default Free Zone)
  • Prefixes must not exceed a /24 in mask size
  • Communities will be sent by Telnyx
  • An accurate PeeringDB profile must be maintained
  • Do not announce a default route toward Telnyx
  • Peers may use the AS-TELNYX macro list with RADB for Telnyx prefix lists
  • Currently our platform is implemented with IPv4 address space, but we also peer with IPv6 and announce our assigned blocks.

linkOperational Requirements

  • Please have a support 24x7 NOC contact that includes escalation details for troubleshooting connectivity and traffic issues.
  • The Telnyx network team will respond and complete implementation within 48 hours. Once the peering sessions have been established, we will accept and announce prefixes within 24 hours.
  • Sessions that have not completed the initial implementation will be torn down within 5 business days.
  • Sessions that are seen as down for a period of 5 business days will be torn down unless an ongoing maintenance window has been reported by the peering NOC.
  • Telnyx will issue maintenance updates within 48 hours of planned work on our IXP or XC nodes.

linkTelnyx IXP and XC Points of Presence

Telnyx POPs are available below and at PeeringDB (

Public Peering Exchange Points (IXPs)

  • Equinix Ashburn
    Peer IPs:
    Port Speed: 1gb
  • Equinix Chicago
    Peer IPs:
    Port Speed: 1gb
  • Equinix San Jose
    Peer IPs:
    Port Speed: 1gb
    Peer IPs:
    Port Speed: 1gb
  • AMS-IX
    Peer IPs:
    Port Speed: 1gb
  • LINX
    Peer IPs:
    Port Speed: 1gb
  • TorIX
    Peer IPs:
    Port Speed: 1gb
LocationPeer IPsPort Speed
Equinix Ashburn
Equinix Chicago
Equinix San Jose

Private Peering Facilities

LocationPort Speed
Equinix Ashburn10gb
Equinix Chicago10gb
Equinix San Jose10gb
Cologix VAN210gb
Equinix Toronto10gb
Equinix London10gb

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